SvelteHack, post-1.0 SvelteKit improvements and a huge showcase

February 2023

Minor versions and major satisfaction

January 2023

SvelteKit 1.0,, and type definitions for Svelte elements

December 2022

Rounding the corner to SvelteKit 1.0

November 2022

Better forms, routes and inline styles across SvelteKit and Svelte

October 2022

Svelte Summit, `use:enhance`, and a SvelteKit Release Candidate!

September 2022

Migrating to SvelteKit's new filesystem-based router

August 2022

Changes to SvelteKit's `load` before 1.0 plus support for Vite 3 and `vite.config.js`!

July 2022

Faster SSR, language tools improvements and a new paid contributor!

June 2022

Cancellable dispatched events, deeper {@const} declarations and more!

May 2022

Dynamically switch between HTML element types with `<svelte:element>`

April 2022

Goodbye fallthrough routes, hello param validators!