StackOverflow's most loved web framework
Shadow DOM, export and await - oh my!
Keeping cool with fixes, TypeScript tooling and tonnes of new features
Progress towards SvelteKit 1.0 and tighter TypeScript/Svelte integrations in language tools
Working toward SvelteKit 1.0 and a showcase full of SvelteKit sites!
SvelteKit beta and new way to use slots
Call for Svelte Summit Speakers! Improved SSR, non-HTML5 compilation targets, and ESLint TypeScript support
Integrations and improvements at ⚡️lightning⚡️ speed...
A Svelte-packed showcase to kick-off the new year!
Better tooling, export maps and improvements to slots and context
Slot forwarding fixes, SvelteKit for faster local development, and more from Svelte Summit
New object methods, in-depth learning resources and tons of integration examples!